Thank you

  Great words of wisdom courage and hope…. Thank you, to my savior, my guardian angel… I was in a hole too at once and felt like I was the only one in it. Many will never understand the trials I went through beginning from my very young teens to my early adulthood. Did I conquer my fears, yes, did I overcome what was digging me in to a dark hole, till now it is a struggle but I refuse to let it take over. I pray for courage, I pray for strength, I pray for willpower and I pray for support to endure what I ‘used’ to think are the  impossibilities. 

Thank you to a very special individual for your guidance, support, help, and most importantly your love , V.M…..

The Bloggess

It might just be me but it seems like the last few weeks have been more hellish than usual regarding mental imbalances.  Friends and family who struggle occasionally are in deeper holes than normal.  Friends who almost never seem to struggle are suddenly feeling emotions they don’t understand.  I don’t know why this is.  Is it just a coincidence, or is it that my small world of people are affected by each other?  Is it that the planets are aligning in ways that make us all raw and exhausted?  Is it that we’ve seen such hard things in the news lately?  Is it that facebooks algorithms decides to send me mainly statuses of people who are angry or in pain or desperate or scared?  Or maybe it’s just me.  Maybe this circle of joy and angst is always here for all of us and I just notice it more when I’m in a…

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